Coney Island USA Donor Plaques image

Coney Island USA Donor Plaques

Get your message seen by the millions of annual visitors to Coney Island USA. No, we don't want you to tag our landmark building or scratch your name into our incredible Freak Bar, we want you to put up a plaque on our Donor Wall.

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

The Wall will be part of the Freak Bar for thousands of years to come, and your message will be right up there for future Coney Islophiles to gape at. Like the message on a long distance space probe your message will even be seen by future alien visitors to Coney Island (note that this guarantee is subject to some limitations).

Rough rendering of donor wall. Actual wall to be installed 6/15So what can you do with a plaque on our Donor Wall? You can commemorate an event, honor a friend, impress a business associate, seal the deal on a potential hook-up, bribe a Mermaid Parade judge, or send whatever message you want the Coney world to see.

You can also opt to create a fully customized plaque. You create 1-bit (i.e. black and white, no greys) artwork and we'll get it engraved on the plaque. We're pretty excited to see what the Coney Island community comes up with. Secret Mermaid hieroglyphics are encouraged!

The plaques are 5" wide by 3" tall and are made of aluminum.